Sisterhood of the Crocheted Blanket

miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2009

All about blankets

It has been ages since I've blogged about the blankets I'm making for my girls. They are coming along, slowly but surely. This is the first crocheted blanket I've made, having previously made several quilts for them. What was your first blankie project? send me photos so I can post them in the blog!

there are so many wonderful patterns and examples out there!

A colorful vintage vertical stripe pattern at Bella Dia, meant to be made from scraps!

Another of these mesmerizing blankets like Dawn made , this time from Linda

By the way, Dawn sure comes from a very talented family! check out her grandmas' blankets, and then check all the lovelies she makes!

And in tottally unrelated news... I'm heartbroken! well, almost... how could they do it???

miércoles, 10 de junio de 2009

Lovely granny squares!

Lucy, from Attic24 is making a wonderful, colorful blanket!!!! go check her out! I really love the colors she is using, and the layout just made me reconsider my own two blankets... It is a lovely blog to see. You'll love it, I guarantee it!

Have you stumbled upon a terrific blanket lately? do tell about it!

viernes, 5 de junio de 2009

Progress with the blanket

Well, I've made some progress with my crocheted granny squares blanket, but I have a problem...

I fell behind in joining the squares and now I'm comfronted with a mountain of little squares that haunt me when I close my eyes and steal my appetite...well, maybe that was too dramatic, but I do have dozens of squares yet unjoined.

Chatting with my friend Alessandra she mentioned that she likes to join them as she goes, but (and here I prove I am my own worst enemy) I like the look of hand sewn squares...

Do any of you have a technique of joining the squares that you prefer? which is it? I'd really appreciate the tips!!

And what are you crocheting right now?

miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

The sisterhood is hereby instituted!

Thanks to a very talented knitter that coined this phrase, I got the idea of having this blog to share our efforts!!! contact me if you want in, so I can add you and so you can post here!